Homosexuality and the Church: Q & A with John Copeland

*** John Copeland is a friend from my church who struggles with same-sex attraction. I first met him in 2005 at the National Campus Ministry Seminar in Norman, OK. He was wearing a shirt that said in big, bold letters ‘I used to be gay – what were you?’ I’m not sure if ‘used to be’ is still the phrase John would use to describe himself or not – I’ll let him explain that – but I do know this man has a heart for people, and through his own struggle God has especially prepared him to help those struggling to follow Jesus despite same-sex attraction. The Crossings Church will be launching a new ministry for just that in the next few months, and John will be leading it for us. Given that same-sex attraction and the church has been a hot topic for the past couple of weeks, I asked John if he would pen a few thoughts for us and he enthusiastically said yes. You will be blessed by his insight. ***

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Homosexuality and the Church

The Woodell Family with Sally Gary

Today the Christian Chronicle published an article entitled Homosexuality and the church by Bobby Ross Jr.

My church is mentioned as are several of my friends who are quoted in the article. Please read and share – conversation about this is needed.

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