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Fox News Headline Fail

So I just logged on to Facebook and saw where a friend of mine posted this:

That headline linked to a ridiculous story written by Fox News journalist Todd Starnes regarding Campus Crusade for Christ’s recent name change to Cru.

Why is it a ridiculous story? Because those running Cru did not change the name because of baggage associated with the name ‘Christ’ – they changed it because of baggage associated with the word ‘Crusade’.  Read all about it here and here.

I’m noticing a pattern here. When the folks at Fox News stick their noses in church business, they tend to blow it.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move on.

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Stringfellow on Social Justice & Eternal Purpose

Does God call us to take care of the poor and the outcast? Certainly! In fact, we are being unfaithful if this is something we ignore.

But let me ask another question: if I help people overcome their hunger, addiction, or affliction, but ignore any attempt to lead them to Christ and they die outside of Him, have I helped them in an ultimate sense?

If this question peaks your interest, please check out this post by Lynn Stringfellow and join in the discussion to follow – it will be an important one.

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Free Audio From the 2011 Campus Ministry United Workshop – #cmuw11

Each year seems to be better than the last – 2011 was no exception. Please share these resources with anyone who may benefit.
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