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The Butterfly Circus: A Short Film About Brokenness & New Life

“Love your neighbor as yourself” … but what if you don’t love yourself? What if you’ve bought into the lies the world spills upon you daily?

When we don’t love others, we hurt.

We hurt, because we live contrary to our design, and when we rebel against the blueprint, we tend to adopt the blues.

That being said, I love this film – it’s well worth 20 minutes of your time. It is a gospel sermon.


“We love because He first loved us …” – 1 John 4:19 – when one grasps the love God has for them they possess the ability to give to others, and that’s what we are all designed to do.

That’s living according to the blueprint.


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Stringfellow on Social Justice & Eternal Purpose

Does God call us to take care of the poor and the outcast? Certainly! In fact, we are being unfaithful if this is something we ignore.

But let me ask another question: if I help people overcome their hunger, addiction, or affliction, but ignore any attempt to lead them to Christ and they die outside of Him, have IĀ helped them in an ultimate sense?

If this question peaks your interest, please check out this post by Lynn Stringfellow and join in the discussion to follow – it will be an important one.

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How did the events recorded in Acts 2 fulfill Old Testament promises of the coming kingdom?

This week’s lesson on Acts 2:


If you missed Kingdom Come part 1, click here.

Feel free to post feedback in the form of a comment.

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