New Blog

Hello readers 🙂

There’s a new blog on the block – As most of my friends know, the Woodell family is moving to San Francisco in a few short months to serve as witnesses for Christ in the bay area. Before moving there, we’ll be spending three months in Brownwood, TX, with members of the Austin Avenue Church of Christ – the congregation that will be overseeing our work in California and providing the bulk of the financial support.

Airiel and I are very excited and anxious to get to work, and this blog will focus on telling the story of our spiritual journey as well as our work on the west coast. We’ll be putting the web address on all future literature related to the mission (like the newsletter that goes out via snail mail), and will share it with other supporting congregations.

If you’re a friend, supporter, or simply someone interested in what we’re doing, you’re invited to add this blog to your favorites list.

More to come soon!

-Wes Woodell

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