Six hours in a minivan with two babies – totally worth it!

Today the Woodell Family, along with our commerades Marvin Crowson and James Holston, are travelling north to visit our friends at The Crossings Church about 40 minutes outside of St. Louis, MO. The Crossings Church is home to A Cross Between – a campus ministry led by my friend Kerry Cox. His dad, Robert Cox, serves at the pulpit minister at The Crossings, and they’re a great father/son team.

A Cross Between is one of the fastest growing campus ministries in the nation (the ministry was started in conjunction with a church plant – The Crossings – four years ago), and I’ve been blessed to learn a lot from the folks there over the last few years.

In addition to hanging out with the people involved in the ministry and attending church on Sunday, we’re also going because a Campus Ministry United board meeting is scheduled to take place on Saturday to plan the 2009 CMU Workshop (Marvin Crowson and I serve on the board). If you work in campus ministry or with young adults you’ve probably heard of the CMU Workshop held at Harding University every year. If not, then check out CMU’s audio page to access all of the lessons from past events for free. There’s some really great stuff there, and I’ve been blessed to have digested all of it.

I always look forward to visiting The Crossings and hanging with the folks in A Cross Between. I learn something new every time I do, and this trip will be no exception.

More updates coming soon!


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2 thoughts on “Six hours in a minivan with two babies – totally worth it!

  1. Our prayers are with you! Take care of those babies.

  2. […] buddy Kerry Cox has officially entered the blogosphere (I’ve written about Kerry before here, here, here, here, and […]

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