Reaching the Campus Tribes – Free Campus Ministry eBook

I just got a Facebook message from Benson Hines.

Those of you interested in campus ministry, give this a look: Reaching the Campus Tribes by Benson Hines.

I met Benson at the 2008 CMU Workshop at Harding – he’s a young campus ministry advocate with Southern Baptist roots, and he wrote this book after spending an entire year (and a lot of student loan money) traveling the United States visiting campus ministries at different universities as a researcher/observer.

Here’s the description from the Reaching the Campus Tribes website:

I recently returned from a yearlong road trip researching Christian college ministry around the U.S. After 181 campuses, 44 states, and hundreds of interviews, Reaching the Campus Tribes (An Opening Inquiry) reveals the surprising things I found. With lots of great pictures. And it’s free.”

I haven’t read this book all the way through yet (I started the download just now and am writing this blog post while it finishes), but was honored to serve as one of the many editors for the project.

I just heard the ‘ding’ telling me my download is complete – I’m going to check this book out now. I suggest you do too.

Oh, and here’s Benson’s blog and his post on the new book .

Campus Ministry is the hottest mission field in existence today – whether you agree with all of Benson’s conclusions or not, we need more people as excited about campus ministry as he is doing the kinds of things he’s doing (i.e. going out of his way to put campus ministry on the map).

Keep up the good work, bro! Thanks for providing this resource!

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2 thoughts on “Reaching the Campus Tribes – Free Campus Ministry eBook

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