Matt Dabbs: Our View of Jesus Impacts the Way We Live

Matt Dabbs wrote a good article you ought to read: How We View Jesus Impacts the Way We Live.

Yesterday, the question was, “How do you view yourself?” – today, the question is, “How do you view Jesus?”

Just like the question, “Who am I?” has profound implications for how you’ll think and behave in the world, an even more important question is, “How do you view Jesus?”

In order for your identity to be firmly rooted in Him, you need to know the real Him – not what popular culture has turned Him into!

Jesus Christ is the Son of God – the Lord and Savior of mankind and the only bridge that exists, and ever will exist, between man and God. That’s a view of Jesus rooted in the teachings of the Bible – the real view.

The secular view of Jesus is not quite the same as what I’ve just shared. Popular culture teaches that Jesus is nothing more than “a spiritual life coach” (to quote Monte Cox from the Pepperdine Lectures) no different from every other religious leader found in the history of the world.

If your view of Jesus is no different than your view of Buddha, Muhammed, Ghandi, or … the list goes on and on … then it really doesn’t matter if you decide to live a Jesus-centered life or not, because your “Jesus” isn’t real!

Living a Jesus-centered life is only a blessing to you and the rest of the world if your Jesus is the real thing – if He’s a fraud, then so is your faith!

That’s going to sound pretty tough to a lot of people, but that’s the message of the Bible, and that’s what Matt’s article caused me to think about this morning.

If you’re interested in learning more, Mark Driscoll has a couple of good sermons posted online that will help you have a biblical understanding of who Jesus is … check it out:

You may have to spit out a few bones, but Mark does a good job of breaking down theology behind what Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection mean for those who decide to follow Him.

Give it a listen!

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