Church Members Find Four Dead Bodies In Newly Purchased Building

 When Reginald Burrell, the preacher for the Northlake Church of Christ in Gary, IN, went to visit his church’s newly purchased building, he had no idea what he was in for.

The building they’d purchased had formerly been owned by The Serenity Gardens Funeral Home, and apparently the funeral director had left town in a hurry. Either that, or he’s very absent minded. Or he’d planned to direct his own episode of Punk’d (only he forgot to call Ashton Kutcher and MTV to be involved with him).

Four dead bodies were discovered – one in a body bag, one in a burial box, and two in caskets (you got Punk’d, dude)!

It is believed the bodies had been there since 2006 – the same year Darryl Cammack, Serenity’s former owner, lost his funeral home license (for the second time).  Apparently several of Cammack’s former clients had complained about him.

Gee, I wonder why. Maybe he misplaced their loved one’s body in his basement somewhere (I mean, why couldn’t they settle for burying this other body … a body’s a body … right?).

The Northlake Church bought this building at a tax sale. No doubt they acquired the old funeral home for a great price, but they also got more than they bargained for – FOUR DEAD BODIES!

I’ve heard of people finding, like, old dead rats and stuff in their new buildings … maybe even a snake or two every once in a while – maybe even a dead possum or dog or cat , but this is the first time I’ve heard of four dead, human bodies!

What’s Cammack going to say when they catch him? Seriously?


“My bad, I seem to have left some of my old things in my basement.”

“My bad, I forgot about the FOUR DEAD BODIES I never got around to burying.”

We are talking about Gary, Indiana though. You have to keep in mind that’s the same town that produced The Jackson Family.

If you’d like to read the full story, click here or google “Northlake Church of Christ dead bodies.”

Oh, and here’s an online coupon to save $5.00 on a funeral flower purchase from The Serenity Gardens Funeral Home. It’s a win win for you and Cammack. He’s going to need cash to pay his lawyer’s fees, and you’re going to save five bucks on the purchase of beautiful, dust-resistant fake flowers.

I’m always looking out for my readers.

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2 thoughts on “Church Members Find Four Dead Bodies In Newly Purchased Building

  1. shepdizzy says:

    Check out “the Morning Glory Case” in which Dr. G (as she’s known on T.V.) had to help perform 37 autopsies on one of her first cases.
    Same funeral home situation with the exception, people were buried on the property, in the walls & left in the hearst for years. Rats had nested in the ribcages of the deceased! They exhumed graves & found 2 per casket…it goes on. Look up the video!
    4 bodies doesn’t even compare….

  2. WesWoodell says:

    Shepdizzy – yuck!

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