2010 Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is a great resource to use in finding info on colleges and universities in the United States.

Each year, a comprehensive, scientific study is conducted on various aspects of our nation’s schools: academics/admissions, demographics, town life, politics, quality of life, extracurriculars, and the social scene (my favorite).

PR released the 2010 edition of their rankings today.

Since you have to log in to their site to view the rankings, I’ll post a few samples here. 122,000 students were surveyed to get these results:


  1. California Institute of Technology
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3. Reed College
  4. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
  5. Harvard College
  6. Middlebury College
  7. Swarthmore College
  8. University of Chicago
  9. Princeton University
  10. Davidson College
  11. Williams College
  12. United States Coast Guard Academy
  13. United States Military Academy
  14. The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
  15. Bryn Mawr College
  16. Sweet Briar College
  17. Carleton College
  18. Harvey Mudd College
  19. College of the Holy Cross
  20. Grinnell College


  1. West Virginia University
  2. University of Maryland, College Park
  3. State University of New York at Albany
  4. University of Mississippi
  5. University of North Dakota
  6. Louisiana State University–Baton Rouge
  7. Florida State University
  8. University of Florida
  9. Florida Southern College
  10. University of Georgia
  11. Pennsylvania State University–University Park
  12. University of Central Florida
  13. City University of New York–Brooklyn College
  14. Arizona State University
  15. The University of Texas at Austin
  16. The University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa
  17. Ohio University–Athens
  18. University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  19. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey–New Brunswick
  20. Salisbury University

I always hear people whining about how tough FSU is … maybe those people should put down their football once or twice a week and open a book for a couple of hours.

Here are couple of rankings from the social scene category:


  1. University of California–Santa Cruz
  2. Skidmore College
  3. University of Vermont
  4. Bard College
  5. University of Colorado–Boulder
  6. New College of Florida
  7. Colorado College
  8. Hampshire College
  9. University of California–Santa Barbara
  10. Eckerd College
  11. Ithaca College
  12. Sarah Lawrence College
  13. Warren Wilson College
  14. Pitzer College
  15. University of Oregon
  16. Guilford College
  17. West Virginia University
  18. Wesleyan University
  19. State University of New York–Purchase College
  20. Green Mountain College


  1. Pennsylvania State University–University Park
  2. University of New Hampshire
  3. Providence College
  4. University of Florida
  5. Claremont McKenna College
  6. Ohio University–Athens
  7. Hampden-Sydney College
  8. West Virginia University
  9. Colgate University
  10. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  11. Lehigh University
  12. The University of Texas at Austin
  13. Union College (NY)
  14. Florida State University
  15. DePauw University
  16. Trinity College (CT)
  17. Eckerd College
  18. Gettysburg College
  19. Indiana University–Bloomington
  20. University of Mississippi


  1. University of Mississippi
  2. Providence College
  3. Fairfield University
  4. The University of Texas at Austin
  5. Tulane University
  6. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  7. Indiana University–Bloomington
  8. University of Georgia
  9. Pennsylvania State University–University Park
  10. Trinity College (CT)
  11. University of Colorado–Boulder
  12. Sewanee–The University of the South
  13. Ohio University–Athens
  14. Lehigh University
  15. University of North Dakota
  16. University of Tennessee
  17. University of Iowa
  18. University of Florida
  19. Loyola University New Orleans
  20. University of California–Santa Barbara

Parents – now you know where not to send your kids. You’re welcome.

There are a ton of other categories to peruse with useful information … one of the cool things I found is that San Francisco is ranked as one of the top college towns. Also, SFSU is no longer listed as a top school for marijuana use. We’re moving up in the world (or down, depending on your perspective).

Please share this resource with others. It’s great for prospective students, parents, campus ministers, and anyone else interested in staying up-to-date on collegiate life in the United States.


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7 thoughts on “2010 Princeton Review

  1. Jim Woodell says:

    For once I am glad that AR is nowhere in the top 20. You have to be researching poverty and bad roads to find us there. ( – :

  2. Kyle says:

    I guess Im glad to see USF (South Florida) not on the list. Although I wonder if they take Ybor city into account…

  3. WesWoodell says:

    The U of A has made the top party school list more than a couple of times I believe.

    Kyle – I imagine Ybor City would be taken into account – I’m not 100% positive, but I believe the survey simply asks students if they consume/don’t consume certain substances, and if so how often/how much. Whether it happens on university grounds or not has less to do with it I think.

  4. Brett says:

    who cares if people drink a lot of beer? gettysburg college is a great school where the students drink a lot and study a lot. your kid will get the best of both worlds.

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  6. Perp says:

    I’m already a junior at WVU, but hey, thanks for the heads up. Consistency is one of the hallmarks of a quality education, you know. 🙂

  7. […] Last year the University at Albany ranked 3rd for universities which study the least. […]

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