James Nored on Making Jesus the Center of Our Faith

I’m up late listening to a sermon by an acquaintance of mine named James Nored entitled “Jesus, the Center of our Faith.”

I encourage you to give it a listen – it’s good stuff.

James echoes many of my own thoughts about Jesus … that must mean he’s right, right?

Yeah …

Anyway, James is the preaching minister/evangelist for the High Pointe Church of Christ in McKinney, TX, and the founder of the Missional Outreach Network – a social networking site I’m apart of.

His lesson blessed me tonight – it will bless you too.

If you’d like to listen one of my own sermons about what it means to live a Jesus-centered life,  go here.

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2 thoughts on “James Nored on Making Jesus the Center of Our Faith

  1. James Nored says:

    Hi Wes. I’m glad that this sermon was a blessing to you. Thanks for sharing it. At the heart of Christianity is Christ. So simple, and yet so easily missed.

    Thanks again.

  2. WesWoodell says:

    No problem brother – great stuff is worth sharing 🙂

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