Steve Harvey Introduces Jesus

My dad posted this on Facebook today … this vid has made its way around the web and is definitely worth a look:

FYI … Steve Harvey is a secular comedian – this wasn’t a “church” audience he was speaking to.

If you liked Steve’s vid, you’ll love this. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Steve Harvey Introduces Jesus

  1. Aussie Pete says:

    Very Cool. But if he can do that, it makes me realize how difficult it is tell to the difference between passionate preaching and a performance. Maybe that’s why we’re told that “by their fruits (not their preaching) you’ll know them”.

  2. toethumbs says:

    Never heard of the place of Bethlehem, Jerusalem. =P Other than that, it was a great idea.

  3. Johner says:

    Alright Wes… I haven’t left a comment on your blog yet but here goes.

    Why “a secular comedian?” Isn’t this more like what it should be? Why have Christian Comedians and Christian Music and Christian this and Christian that. I respect and appreciate that he took that work to more than just those who would go to a Christian event. I have heard some criticize Christian bands who take their music in what we would call a secular direction because they don’t use our Christian language in their songs in an attempt to attract more listeners. Does it matter what the words are as long as their is truth in the song? What is wrong with trying to sell more records and get more air time or sell more tickets if, when people dig deeper into who you are, they discover you are a Christian and your material is influenced by your faith. Christian is a way of life not a way of songwriting or comedy writing. I don’t know much about Steve Harvey, but if he believes the things he said (which I assume he does) he is a Christian comedian.

    Sorry for the rant, leave it to me to pick out a couple of words. Keep up the good work brother.

  4. There’s no such thing as “Christian comedian” or “secular comedian” or “Muslim comedian” or “whatever comedian.” There are Christians who are comedians, non-religious people who are comedians, etc. Steve Harvey is a performer, but no matter how good or bad anyone is as a performer, when you believe, you believe and there’s no “performance thing” that can hide something as real as this. It’s very clear that Steve, as a born-again Christian, really feels every single one of his words. There are things you can’t act, but feel them

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