Brit Hume: Tiger Woods Needs the Redemption Jesus Offers

Aware of this?

My respect for Brit Hume is greatly increased.

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4 thoughts on “Brit Hume: Tiger Woods Needs the Redemption Jesus Offers

  1. toethumbs says:

    I encountered this on Twitter yesterday. Thanks for posting! I’ve watched bits and pieces of the Bill O’Reiley show in the past and decided that I didn’t like his attitude (which unfortunately has a tendency to take away from what could be good content). But this is a great thing.

  2. Terry says:

    I heard about this conversation on the radio as I was going to work today, but I missed the beginning when the conversation was played. Thanks for posting it. I’m impressed with Brit Hume’s willingness to put in a few good words for Christ in public, despite the opposition.

  3. K. Rex Butts says:

    Wow! I stopped watching O’Reilly for some of the same reasons as toethumbs but this is a good story. I don’t know much about Brit Hume but apparently he is a Christian and I am glad that he was willing to bring his faith into such a conversation (without sounding like a fundamentalist…I got it all right, kind of person).

    Grace and peace,


  4. Marilyn says:

    Brit Hume did great how he handled this. He saw the opportunity to point to Tiger Woods’ obvious need. He expressed it just naturally as he would everything else. And he didn’t belabor the point. I think it was an excellent witness.

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