Video Preaching is Soooo Last Year – Introducing … Holograms?!?

Yes … I’m serious.

From the article posted at Out of Ur:

Forget video preaching, holographic technology is coming to the church sooner than you think.

Clark, a media technology company that supplies churches, is pioneering holographic technology that can create a life-size, three dimensional projection of a preacher on a platform. Blogger Tony Morgan was given a preview at Clark’s offices near Atlanta. He writes, “Pricing is coming down quickly to the point that I won’t be surprised if we see this technology implemented in churches within the next 12 months.”

Morgan took a photo of himself standing beside the holographic preacher.

What do you think? Like Morgan do you “love these days we live in,” or bemoan the loss of incarnate ministry? If the technology was affordable, would you consider it for your ministry?

What do I think about this?

No lightsaber, no deal. That’s what I think.

And if I were going to listen to a holographic preacher, I’d much rather listen to this guy:

A waster of time and money you are!

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One thought on “Video Preaching is Soooo Last Year – Introducing … Holograms?!?

  1. toethumbs says:

    Well now, I mean, if you were preaching to a group of scientists, that would be awesome.

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