Pepperdine Bible Lectures

I’m planning to attend the Pepperdine Bible Lectures next week, and am bringing quite a few people with me.

In addition to my wife and two children my parents are making the trek to Malibu for the first time, as are my good friends Gary and Zoe Lambrecht, James Holston, and Nathaniel Tuliao – all first timers.

Last year was my first time to attend (regular readers may remember I posted notes online). I came away impressed with the program, and have since talked it up to quite a few people.

I’m pleased to see Jonathan Storment is a featured speaker this year, and am also pleased that Tyler Ellis has been invited to teach a class on campus ministry (I bragged on Tyler a few days ago in this post). Both are young ministers my age whom I respect and believe the church at large could learn a lot from (view the complete lecture schedule here).

I’m also looking forward to Tim Spivey’s classes on reviving and maintaining healthy growing churches. His blog series on church revitalization was excellent – I’m sure his classes on the subject will be as well.

Who else is planning to go?

If you can’t make it in 2010, you ought to put it on your calendar for 2011. This is a quality event.

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