UC Berkeley Graduates Answer: What Do You Want the Future to Look Like?

Interesting video documenting thoughts about the future from UC Berkeley students right after their graduation:

Notice a theme?

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6 thoughts on “UC Berkeley Graduates Answer: What Do You Want the Future to Look Like?

  1. G says:

    aren’t these the same guys who refused to pay more tuition? they’re just gonna readily give up all their money? or they gonna take mine?

    didn’t this originally say “commentate?” thanks for fixing that

    • WesWoodell says:

      Some students did protest the tuition hikes, yes. I’m not sure about the students in this video.

      And yes, I did do a quick edit there. You’re welcome :p

  2. Jim Woodell says:

    Sounds like a push toward one world government and a re-distribution of the wealth is coming (or is it already here?). If everyone was in the Kingdom of God, would it look like that now?

  3. Charles says:

    Well, I admire the optimism. However, if you took a video following graduation of most every college class from 1940 forward you would hear many of the same things. Opportunity for all, Education, a better world, a society with integrity, spirituality, etc. Hopefully they will accomplish great things. The world needs it, but most of all it needs Jesus.

  4. G says:

    as long as i get a new pony out of the deal, i’m cool with it

  5. Steve says:

    It makes me think about when I graduated which was a long time ago now. The theme of “why can’t we all just get long” seems to run throughout their vision of the future.

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