#CMUW – Tweets from the 2010 Campus Ministry United Workshop

Tweets from the first couple of days of the 2010 CMU Workshop at Harding University (latest to earliest):
  • jenbabbby #CMUW has changed my way of thinking. When we get back to IL we have major work to do! 🙂
  • WesWoodell great night tonight at #cmuw … campus ministers only meeting was wonderful. I hear the students had fun too …
  • WesWoodell #cmuw when u have an attitude of tolerance toward sin, you give them permission to move on to other sins
  • CIAMinistries In regard to church discipline, “What you permit is what tends to become permanent.” -Robert Cox #CMUW
  • CIAMinistries Watching some random long-haired dude in Midnight Oil do the most amazing Jack Sparrow impression ever.#CMUW
  • CIAMinistries Can’t wait to go to Underground tomorrow night. Seriously, I come to Searcy first for the lessons, second for the coffee houses. #CMUW

  • CIAMinistries Things that keep us from receiving God’s grace: “Pride is the classic grace-killer. God does not bless pride.” -Lynn Stringfellow #CMUW
  • CIAMinistries “Is prayer a monologue or a dialogue? Are we prepared for clear communication from God?” -Mitch Wilburn #CMUW

  • CIAMinistries The students are at Midnight Oil while the campus ministers are in a meeting. I’d say we got the better end of the deal.#CMUW
  • WesWoodell #cmuw in the middle of our “campus minister’s only” meeting – great fellowship time …
  • WesWoodell #cmuw grace without truth isn’t grace – truth without grace isn’t truth
  • WesWoodell Monte Cox speaking on Grace and Truth at the#cmuw – great stuff!
  • WesWoodell #cmuw discipline within the church is meant to flow out of relationships within a church
  • bensonhines Just had a guy at #cmuw call up a pic of the Yes, Dear cast on the big screen b/c yep, I do look & talk like Greg (Anthony Clark)! 🙂
  • WesWoodell #cmuw there’s a natural inclination in us to minimize sin. The Corinthians minimized incest!

  • WesWoodell #cmuw Every passage of Scripture is there to protect you from something evil or to promote you toward something good!
  • WesWoodell #cmuw do you want to be loved by people or loved by Jesus? You can’t always do both
  • WesWoodell #cmuw the Holy Spirit wrote an entire chapter devoted to countering the idea that habitual sinful behavior should be tolerated in the church
  • WesWoodell #cmuw if u think being graceful means giving permission to sin, you’re reading scripture selfishly
  • bensonhines Kerry Cox describing “CrossChats,” his ministry’s spiritual discussion communities w/ outreach focus (reminds me of Zoe’s in Brazil) #cmuw
  • WesWoodell #cmuw we’re watching clips of A&E’s hit show “Intervention” as Robert Cox explains principles from 1’Corinthians 5

  • WesWoodell #cmuw church discipline in campus ministry – needed, but neglected

  • CIAMinistries “Not everybody has the ‘gift’ of evangelism, but we do all have the same mission.” -Wes Woodell #CMUW
  • WesWoodell #cmuw looking forward to studying church discipline this afternoon & dealing gracefully with those who believe differently than me tonight
  • WesWoodell Patrick Mead did a great job today at #cmuw – day 2 going great so far. Sound issues resolved by one of our workshop attendees.
  • WesWoodell #cmuw God gave Levitcal law without explanation – modern science provides explanation
  • bensonhines Listening to Clint Hill, whose min at Texas A&M Corpus Christi went from 2 students after a split to campus org of the year at TAMUCC #cmuw

  • WesWoodell #CMUW “When does God’s power reach the church? When they were working, or waiting?”
  • WesWoodell #CMUW “God is either speaking to me in a direct way or I’m crazy – either way life is about to get real interesting”
  • WesWoodell #CMUW Mitch wilburn telling story about homeless guy buying him beer …lol
  • WesWoodell “We don’t just want to be truth in the world, we want to be miracles in the world” #CMUW
  • bensonhines Another cool quality of #cmuw : Every seminar period split in two (by a 10-min break); second 50-minutes is explicitly for application, Q&A
  • WesWoodell Lots of great stories about the Park Plaza Church of Christ in Tulsa #CMUW
  • WesWoodell “It’s not only a call TO all – it’s a call THROUGH all”#CMUW
  • WesWoodell “We could care less why they come – we care desperately why they stay.” #CMUW
  • WesWoodell “Don’t think of the Philippian jailer as a modern cop with cameras him – think torture chambers – easier for him if Paul was dead” #CMUW
  • scalgaro @bensonhines would still be interested to know if you could find out for me. Thanks for keeping us all aware of what’s going on in the #CMUW
  • bensonhines One particularly cool & unique aspect of #cmuw is that they record all the sessions & then give the audio away for free…
  • WesWoodell Meeting with Mitch Wilburn for lunch at Rib Crib. Sometimes life is hard. This isn’t one of those times. #CMUW

  • WesWoodell hope to get a good night’s sleep – big day tomorrow at the #CMUW

Check out the pictures here.

I will post all of the audio recordings from the lessons early next week … will post the link when they’re uploaded. We still have two more days of this workshop to go … time to get some rest for tomorrow … g’night!

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