You Simply Must See This For Yourself …

How many reading today’s post have lived in extreme poverty? I’m willing to bet not many.

“Even the poorest in the United States live relatively well compared to the poorest living in other parts of the world.” This is a quote I’ve heard many times, but honestly the truth of it hadn’t sunk in … that is, until today.

I just finished watching a 38 minute documentary about people, many of them little kids, living in a dump – literally a city dump – in Honduras.

I can’t capture what I’ve just witnessed with the written word … you simply must see this for yourself:

I encourage you to learn more about the good work being done among these people by reading Trey Morgan’s posts about it.

Donations to fund future endeavors are being accepted to through PayPal – I encourage you to send a gift and to share news of the need with others.

Please refer friends to to spread the word. May the love being shown to these people in need be multiplied again and again!

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