Children know Santa is evil

Merry Christmas from – thanks for making this another great year!

Now watch this:

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8 thoughts on “Children know Santa is evil

  1. cnsohm says:

    that was the most amazingly awful recording of O Holy Night I have ever heard. Was that you, Wes?

  2. toethumbs says:

    Amazing! Kids know that Santa is pushed on them by adults who seem to take joy in lying to them.

    P.S. Music for the background = awesome choice, whoever made it. I had to stop watching when he went up high.


  3. Tulsaoilman says:

    Sorry, But Santa is real!

    • WesWoodell says:

      Yeah, real scary. A fat man in a funny suit who breaks into the houses of children during the night, puts things in their socks, and eats their cookies and milk.

  4. Tulsaoilman says:

    Noooo that’s the TV Santa.

  5. Jim Woodell says:

    All of that to say Merry Christmas?? I will just say Merry Christmas and you can play the video again! ( :

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