Fox News Headline Fail

So I just logged on to Facebook and saw where a friend of mine posted this:

That headline linked to a ridiculous story written by Fox News journalist Todd Starnes regarding Campus Crusade for Christ’s recent name change to Cru.

Why is it a ridiculous story? Because those running Cru did not change the name because of baggage associated with the name ‘Christ’ – they changed it because of baggage associated with the word ‘Crusade’.  Read all about it here and here.

I’m noticing a pattern here. When the folks at Fox News stick their noses in church business, they tend to blow it.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move on.

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25 thoughts on “Fox News Headline Fail

  1. Jen says:

    when don’t they blow it?

    this one made me chuckle tho 🙂

  2. BigDrG says:

    interesting? or not? I’m not sure. Fox News is typically Christian-friendly, so I guess that they took the word of someone opposing the change and just ran with that instead of fact checking. Still not as bad as the MSNBC gaffe for lack of fact checking. I’m still giggling about that one. I actually know Mo Brooks, good upstanding Mormon, great family man.

    Anyway, back to Cru. I’m not sure if I’m for or against this change. I really don’t care since it’s not my ministry. There’s an odd opportunity for apology (I Peter 3:15) here that escapes many Christians. The Crusades weren’t some impromptu mission to exterminate Muslims. It was a response to attacks on Christian pilgrims trying to journey to Jerusalem and other “holy” locations in the Middle East. Perhaps they went too far. Perhaps they served to prop up what had become a sinister relationship between the “church” and the state which actually denigrated both. Those are all points of discussion, but an overarching point is that the crusades didn’t happen in a vacuum.

    But yeah you’re right. Cru for Campus Crusade for Christ is like McD’s for McDonald’s. Yeah, nothing to see here. Move on. So why did I just type two paragraphs (and now a third)? I guess I just needed a diversion. Pray for me: life is super-hectic now, why I couldn’t make the Harding trip yet again this year. Mainly pray for Mom and her health. She seems to have improved overnight, but long-term things need to be set in better order. That’s about all I can say.

  3. L says:

    What, Fox misinforms the public? Shocking.

  4. WesWoodell says:

    I listened to Sean Hannity trying to convince all his radio listeners that mormonism and christianity are the same thing the other day. His reason? He wants evangelicals to vote for Mitt Romney – a Mormon – in the primaries.

  5. Terry says:

    Cru (the former Campus Crusade for Christ) is the umbrella organization for one of my favorite ministries, FamilyLife. I can understand the name change because FamilyLife and other ministries associated with Cru have outreaches far beyond college campuses. I can also understand the need to remove “Crusade” from the name, since it can be an unnecessary hinderance to international outreach.

    As for removing “for Christ” from the name, a ministry (or church) can be for Christ (or of Christ) without “Christ” being in its formal name.

  6. Wes, thank you for writing this. I’m sure you’ve noticed that very few of our campus ministries actually have the word “Christ” in their names, including mine. Cru is a good group and doesn’t deserve the kind of headline sensationalism they received from Fox.

  7. kerrymcox says:

    1.) I don’t really care, on a personal level anyhow.

    2.) I do think you all are crazy if you are buying into the fact that they didn’t take out the name “Christ” because of it’s offensive nature…and when was Jesus concerned about being offensive?

    • WesWoodell says:

      To #2 – I don’t believe that’s what’s going on here, Kerry.

      I have been privy to the conversation surrounding this name change for quite a while through others, and concern regarding the name ‘Christ’ offending someone has never been an issue in any of those conversations that I’ve heard. It’s always been what the word ‘Crusade’ made people instantly think of.

      If you’re basing your opinion solely on this story, please understand it is misleading and its presentation is written in a manipulative way. If you read it carefully, Sellers never says they changed the name because there was baggage associated with the name ‘Christ’. In fact, his only comment with regard to the name ‘Christ’ was in obvious response to a question, and yet, intentionally or unintentionally, the story is structured in such a way as to make people think that is the main concern and that Cru is ashamed of the name of Christ. That’s just not true, and writing a story in such a way as to imply that is unethical and unfair.

      This isn’t the first time Fox has irresponsibly handled the news and caused problems for Christians organizations, and I really wish they’d stop.

      • kerrymcox says:

        I have read much more than this story. I have read statements from staff members of “Cru.” I have read several quotes of staff who have said plainly that the name Christ is offensive to so many people…..seriously, if Crusade is the problem why keep half of the word and eliminate Christ. This is not to mention that Cru (Crew) is an outdated term anyway. Fox is not the only place people are seeing this…have you read the responses that CCC has been deleting and hiding on their facebook wall? Donors who have been giving for 40 years pulling support. Former and current students who have read what I have read and are angry….come on…you can’t seriously be blaming this baffle on Fox???????

      • WesWoodell says:

        Have you read this? That’s a fairly comprehensive account of the decision making process they went through, and it states plainly the removal of ‘Christ’ had nothing to do with what accusers are saying.

  8. Daniel W says:

    Well, Wes, I bet this is the last time you publicly question the wisdom of Fox News ; )

  9. Tulsaoilman says:

    CRU (or whever they call themselves now) IS trying to distance themselves from the word “Christ” and the word “Crusade” no matter what they say. (That’s why they took both words out) Therefore the story Fox news put out is correct.

    Some people don’t like all the facts to come out. So they listen to CNN or Comedy News.

  10. WesWoodell says:

    So then they’re all just a bunch of liars, and you can see into their hearts to know that for sure despite what they say? And apparently you’re not alone?

    Well, so glad we cleared that up.

    I’ll have to remember that next time I’d like you to believe a lie or half-truth … I just need to somehow get it reported on Fox! 🙂

  11. Tulsaoilman says:

    Funny, I never saw it on Fox News till you posted it. I don’t have Fox News cause I don’t have cable. But I did read about it on the net. I’m not going on what I read or what they said or reading into their hearts. I’m simply going on this simple fact: They took “Christ” and “Crusade” out of their name. I don’t even think what they did was necessarly wrong. I’m sure they have good reasons for what they are doing and I don’t care one way or the other. I just responded to the comment that Fox News got it wrong. Well, based on what you posted and what they said and what’s on the net and the fact of removing the names…it appears correct.

    So, go ahead and post something on Fox News, I won’t see it unless you post it…LOL

    • WesWoodell says:

      lol … well okay. 🙂

    • Daniel W says:

      Just wondering, why are you fervently defending a news network that you never watch? I gather that you have a high opinion of Fox News, based on your dig against CNN and “Comedy News.” You indicate that, unlike CNN, Fox News always strives to get the facts out there. It just seems hard to argue that the Fox News story was not trying to turn people against the campus ministry CRU. You indicate that you “don’t even think what they did was necessarily wrong.” The Fox story certainly indicates that what they did was wrong. There is much more to reporting than just stating facts. You can state facts in such a way as to cast someone or something in a negative light in order to disparage and discredit that person or thing. This is the case with the Fox News story on CRU.

      Secondly, it seems incredibly unfair to claim that CRU members are distancing themselves from the word “Christ.” If anything, they are just engaging in a bit of marketing. CRU is a short, simple, memorable name, like iPod. They may find more success marketing “CRU” than they had marketing the cumbersome name “Campus Crusade for Christ.” There is no need to doubt the intentions of fellow Christians just because Fox News did. Enough with the conspiracy theories.

      And this brings me to my final point. I’m a bit concerned about some of the reactions to Wes’s blog post. Many people seem much too eager to throw a Christian organization under the bus to defend the claims of a politically conservative organization. Fox News gets the benefit of the doubt instead of the even more longstanding Christian organization CRU. I expect Wes would receive a similar reaction from some if he criticized a story put out by MSNBC. What are the implications of this situation? They are certainly not good for the universal Church.

  12. Tulsaoilman says:

    Wow, Dan…WOW…I was not trying to defend Fox News. I just read what Wes posted and commented. It appeared to me they got it right. The Headline says they dropped “Christ” from their name…well…they did. The story says some like it and some don’t like it…well…that is true. The story says some think it’s about trying to get the word “Christ’ out and then the story quotes “CRU” saying why they changed the name. All I pointed out (because Wes posted the story) was that it appears Fox was right.

    It appears to me that you have some kind of hatered for Fox News. Might want to work on Hate.

  13. Tulsaoilman says:

    And one more thing: Back when I had cable I would watch CNN, MSNBC and FOX to gather my news. Over many years of doing this I found that (for me) Fox seemed to be the only one who would always show both sides of the story without leaving out some important facts. They did tend to lean on agreeing with the conservative point of vew, but they always showed both sides. Both CNN and MSNBC were bad about leaving out facts, especilly facts that would seem to help the conservative view. I grew to NOT trust the reporting on CNN and MSNBC. But I still watched them.

    Now I know you and others will not like my opinion and I am ok with you having a different opinion. As a matter of fact I promise to never allow your opinion or hatred of mine to keep me from loving you or anyone else who has a different opinion. So, to be clear my defense it to defend my right to post an opinion. BTW isn’t that why Wes posted it?

    • Daniel W says:

      I should note that the last two parts of my reply to your comment were not directed specifically toward you. They were aimed at various comments on this thread. Also, I wouldn’t say I hate your opinion or Fox News. I don’t think I used hateful language or used irrelevant personal attacks. However, I will say that I have a strong distaste for the political commentators on both Fox News and MSNBC. They create a political dualism in which either the right or the left is all good or all evil. This, of course, is just unreasonable. I apologize if I communicated any kind of hatred in my previous comment.

  14. K. Rex Butts says:

    I don’t listen to much cable news at all any more and I cannot even stomach listening to FOX. Someone one this comment thread said that FOX news is “Christian-friendly”. While that is a debatable point, the real question is what is their mission? And the answer to that question I am quite sure is not “Jesus and the Kingdom of God.”

  15. My question is for Lynn and Kerry: Your comments seem to indicate that you have additional information, yet you did not share it. Can you?

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