If you put your life in this book …


… what is weird?

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3 thoughts on “If you put your life in this book …

  1. K. Rex Butts says:

    Great question to ask…I’m afraid that if we’re honest, such question might probe in uncomfortable ways. In our small group, we are reading through the book of Acts and one of the things I have noticed is the ever present pressure to “reexplain” the story so that it fits with what we’ve already been taught to believe.

  2. I agree with Rex. I used to go to a church that explained away certain verses in Acts and other places in the New Testament by saying, “That’s not what our denomination believes.” I always thought it strange that Christians would present arguments against the Bible—as if their perspective might potentially be more right! I also notice that new American churches always want to take a different, creative spin on the gospel, so they name their church something unique thinking that they can gain more followers by being fresh and ahead of the curve. But the gospel never changes. And isn’t there only one faith (Ephesians 4)? I feel like consumerism makes churches not want to associate and unify with each other because everybody wants to have the most cutting-edge theology so that they can be a “different” kind of church. How many do we need? It’s strange.

  3. G says:

    Excellent thoughts, Cristina. Another thing I’ve been working through for years is to identify the •patterns• of worldly thinking (Romans 12:1,2) , but that is so hard to do — especially in America which is a “Christian nation.” The problem is exacerbated in the South where church is an integral part of social (and political) life. It’s hard to differentiate on a personal level, and if you reach any conviction that goes against the mainstream it’s nearly impossible to find anyone who shares your views or even is willing to consider them. Encouragement is nil.

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