7 thoughts on “Mars Hill Seattle Apologizes

  1. K. Rex Butts says:

    First, I am glad they have apparently resolved this matter and MH-Seattle was able to see where they were wrong and admit that.

    Having said that, I still wonder how such decisions and carried out by a church (Christians) in the first place. Wisdom calls for us to consider the repercussions of our decisions before we actually carry them out. Decisions like this would seemingly involve several leaders in the church, rather than one person. I’m not pointing this out just to keep ragging on MH-Seattle rather I think it is something all of us who are church leaders should learn from…lest we and the churches we serve/lead make a similar mistake.

    Grace and Peace,


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  3. Artu says:

    How disingenuous that they blame the blogger who initially drew attention to this!

    • Abby says:

      I know the blogger personally. He was a devout attendee of Marshill Seattle and he will no longer be going there. Marshill has an immense amount of responsibility with their influence and this is very tragic they would make a mistake like this.

  4. Tulsaoilman says:

    Much todo over nothing if you ask me…oh wait…you didn’t…sorry.

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  6. Chris Z says:

    It will be resolved when MH Seattle just stops any action at all, including ongoing conversations with anyone about protecting their “brand”. They are sorry for the way they went about it, but not sorry that they went about it. Jesus is making a whip. Wake up Driscoll (John 2:16).

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