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Christianity Today covers River City Ministry

Christianity Today recently published an article telling a little about how River City Ministry is making a positive difference in ‘the meanest city to the homeless’.

Read the full article in Christianity Today here.

What they don’t mention in their story is that over 100 people a year on average are giving their lives to Jesus, and more than that are being restored in their relationship with Him. RCM is feeding people, but not just with physical food. Intentional efforts are made to share food that never spoils, and God continues to bless them.

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River City Ministry – How You Can Help

Jim Woodell posted this comment under yesterday’s posted blog on Facebook:

It is so refreshing to see social needs combined with evangelistic outreach at RCM. Anthony is “seeking” while the LORD is “saving” the lost. RCM is seeking to expand the social outreach in the medical part of this ministry with the hope that more can be reached with the gospel of Christ. Over 20,000 meals were served in 2010 and well over 2,000 were treated for medical needs.

RCM’s mission statement is, “Opening doors to God by serving the poor.” To accomplish this goal RCM is needing to add $150,000 pre year to the annual budget. This is true domestic mission work that is cross-cultural with the exception of a few “inner-city,” formally homeless individuals that assist.

If you know of a Trust, Foundation, Philanthropist, Church, or generous individual that would like to see their contributions expand the Kingdom of God, please send them to RCM at You can vist the RCM website at

Ministries doing the kinds of things RCM is doing are rare – I encourage you to get involved!

Anthony Wood and I baptizing a new brother.

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