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Scott Thomas on Replanting a Church

As I mentioned before, I’d like to use westcoastwitness.com to archive resources dealing with the topic of church revitalization.

I ran across a good series of blog posts over at TheResurgence.com from Scott Thomas, director of Acts 29 Church Planting Network.

Here’s a tidbit from Scott’s second post, Replanting: The Story:

I dreamed of a body that loved the Lord, loved his word, loved the church, and loved the calling from God to be instruments of righteousness in their community. I dreamed of a people who practiced spiritual holiness, rather than judging others for their lack of adherence to man-made rules. I dreamed of marriages that visibly demonstrated the relationship of Christ and the church. I dreamed of homes that were led by the Holy Spirit, by godly heads of households and by the Scriptures.

I dreamed of a church that had influence in its community: spiritually, morally, evangelistically, and socially. I dreamed of a church that served willingly and enthusiastically according to their spiritual gifts, passions, and God-given abilities.

I dreamed of a church body that had a burning passion to share the gospel in their city, their state, their nation, and their world and to be a vital link for the establishment of churches all across the world. I dreamed of a body that had an insatiable thirst to encounter God in a real, personal, and intimate way.

But was it just a dream? Could it be realized?

No, it wasn’t, and yes, it could (and can)!

Here are the links to all of the posts in this series:

  1. Replanting: Living by Dying
  2. Replanting: The Story
  3. Envisioning a Replant
  4. Envisioning a Replant: Leadership, Mission, Values
  5. Envisioning a Replant: Practical Issues

Here are a couple of other posts Scott made that are related, but not formally included in the five part series:

 For more westcoastwitness.com content on the topic of church revitalization, go here and here.

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Turn It Around, or Put One Between Its Eyes – Tim Spivey on Turnaround Churches

As I mentioned here, I’ll be archiving resources to help with church revitalization efforts on westcoastwitness.com.

Tim Spivey has been writing a series on Turnaround Churches, and so far he’s made five entries.

I’m not sure if more are coming or not (since he hasn’t answered my question about that :p), but here are those that have been posted so far:

  1. Turnaround Churches – Intro
  2. Turnaround Churches pt. 1 – Diagnosis and Humility
  3. Turnaround Churches pt. 2 – Spiritual Renewal
  4. Turnaround Churches pt. 3 – Mission
  5. Turnaround Churches pt. 4 – Structure
  6. Turnaround Churches pt. 5 – Fresh Air
  7. Turnaround Churches pt. 6 – Leadership

I could only locate parts 1-4 of this series, but they’re numbered through five. It appears that either #3 is missing, or Tim made a mistake in the numbering.

Anyway, I encourage you to read these entries – good stuff.

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Church Planting is for Wimps: Revitalizing a Church around the Gospel

Ran across an interesting lesson from the Advance Conference being held in North Carolina this weekend.

I’ve been doing a fair amount of research on successful church revitalization efforts recently. There are some interesting stories out there; J.D. Greear’s is among them.

According to him, in order for a church revitalization to be successful the members must get away from pharisaical religiosity and embrace Jesus above all else. The lesson I’m posting today unpacks that.

Check it out:

As J.D. says on his blog, this lesson doesn’t present a step by step process to church revitalization, but does speak against attitudes that will kill one (I’ll post more on the process as I see it later).

I’d like to begin archiving resources like this one – there is huge interest in the topic of church revitalization right now. If any of you have additional resources to point me to, please do. Our team in San Francisco can use them, and I know we’re not alone.

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