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Scott Thomas on Replanting a Church

As I mentioned before, I’d like to use westcoastwitness.com to archive resources dealing with the topic of church revitalization.

I ran across a good series of blog posts over at TheResurgence.com from Scott Thomas, director of Acts 29 Church Planting Network.

Here’s a tidbit from Scott’s second post, Replanting: The Story:

I dreamed of a body that loved the Lord, loved his word, loved the church, and loved the calling from God to be instruments of righteousness in their community. I dreamed of a people who practiced spiritual holiness, rather than judging others for their lack of adherence to man-made rules. I dreamed of marriages that visibly demonstrated the relationship of Christ and the church. I dreamed of homes that were led by the Holy Spirit, by godly heads of households and by the Scriptures.

I dreamed of a church that had influence in its community: spiritually, morally, evangelistically, and socially. I dreamed of a church that served willingly and enthusiastically according to their spiritual gifts, passions, and God-given abilities.

I dreamed of a church body that had a burning passion to share the gospel in their city, their state, their nation, and their world and to be a vital link for the establishment of churches all across the world. I dreamed of a body that had an insatiable thirst to encounter God in a real, personal, and intimate way.

But was it just a dream? Could it be realized?

No, it wasn’t, and yes, it could (and can)!

Here are the links to all of the posts in this series:

  1. Replanting: Living by Dying
  2. Replanting: The Story
  3. Envisioning a Replant
  4. Envisioning a Replant: Leadership, Mission, Values
  5. Envisioning a Replant: Practical Issues

Here are a couple of other posts Scott made that are related, but not formally included in the five part series:

 For more westcoastwitness.com content on the topic of church revitalization, go here and here.

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Turn It Around, or Put One Between Its Eyes – Tim Spivey on Turnaround Churches

As I mentioned here, I’ll be archiving resources to help with church revitalization efforts on westcoastwitness.com.

Tim Spivey has been writing a series on Turnaround Churches, and so far he’s made five entries.

I’m not sure if more are coming or not (since he hasn’t answered my question about that :p), but here are those that have been posted so far:

  1. Turnaround Churches – Intro
  2. Turnaround Churches pt. 1 – Diagnosis and Humility
  3. Turnaround Churches pt. 2 – Spiritual Renewal
  4. Turnaround Churches pt. 3 – Mission
  5. Turnaround Churches pt. 4 – Structure
  6. Turnaround Churches pt. 5 – Fresh Air
  7. Turnaround Churches pt. 6 – Leadership

I could only locate parts 1-4 of this series, but they’re numbered through five. It appears that either #3 is missing, or Tim made a mistake in the numbering.

Anyway, I encourage you to read these entries – good stuff.

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