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Free Audio From the 2011 Campus Ministry United Workshop – #cmuw11

Each year seems to be better than the last – 2011 was no exception. Please share these resources with anyone who may benefit.
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2011 Campus Ministry United Workshop Around the Corner

The 2011 Campus Ministry United Workshop is nearly upon us, and in a few days my family will pack our bags and make the journey from San Francisco to Arkansas to join everyone else on the campus of Harding University for this event.

I’m excited, because the CMU Workshop is more than just a meeting for campus ministers and students – it is an annual celebration of a movement we are all part of to plant new campus ministries and encourage evangelistic activity among college students nationwide.

What started in 2006 as a small meeting of about 40 leaders interested in reaching college students has grown each year, and many positive things have happened in a short amount of time.

Several brand new ministries have been planted around the country, a number of young ministers have been trained to enter full-time ministry, money has been raised, plans for the future have been laid at God’s feet in prayer, and, just this year, two full-time staff persons were added in Lynn & Carol Stringfellow to promote CMU’s agenda to reach college students year round. A large, influential church in Tulsa, OK’s Park Plaza Church of Christ joined the team in 2010 through sponsoring the Stringfellows, and elders and leaders from other churches have approached us about getting involved in other ways as well.

New ministry sites are being researched, plans for new plants are being made, and new people are contacting us about being trained for ministry. We have much work to do, many interested in helping to get it done, and for that we are thankful.

All this has been an answer to prayers prayed by people passionate about reaching others with the gospel of Jesus Christ and seeing His Kingdom break out in power on this earth.

God has been behind all the good things that have happened so far, and I believe He’s just getting started!

If you are interested in reaching college students with the gospel of Jesus Christ or simply in evangelism (regardless of the form it takes), you ought to join us at the 2011 Campus Ministry United Workshop July 7-10 at Harding University.

A Facebook Event Page has been set up, and pertinent info has been posted on the Workshop Page of campusministryunited.com.

The CMUW is more than just a workshop – it’s a celebration of a Christ-centered movement to reach college students for and with Jesus. If you want to be part of something bigger than yourself, join us.

God is doing something special!

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Vast Majority of US Teens to Attend College – What’s the Church Going to Do About It?

The Barna Group’s research continues to tell us a story – a story about the church’s need to respond to the call to responsibly shepherd older teens and college students.

Here’s an excerpt from a study released in May of last year outlining how a nationwide sample of older teens responded to the question, “What do you think your life will be like 10 years from now?”:

The most common aspirations of teenagers were related to college and their professional pursuits. Finishing a college degree was their top-rated future priority. A majority of teenagers felt certain that they would accomplish this goal by age 25. In all, 93% of teenagers said they would either definitely or probably obtain a college degree by their mid-twenties.

Add to this David Kinnaman’s comments from Barna’s latest study (a follow-up to the one done a year ago):

With the vast majority of teenagers hoping to experience and graduate from college someday (see previous Barna study on this subject), Kinnaman suggested that college and career decisions represent an important opportunity for faith leaders to influence students. “Today’s teens have huge aspirations in life and a great deal of self-confidence that is sometimes out of proportion with their abilities. Taught to believe they can accomplish anything at anytime, many young people figure if they see a problem or a need, they can just start a new company or nonprofit to address it. And armed with technology, some of them are actually doing that.

“Still, many young people do not seem to understand how a rich, historic understanding of the Christian faith and the gospel ought to inform their career aspirations,” Kinnaman continued. “And faith leaders are not as intentional as they could be with instruction and coaching on these types of decisions. Understanding how teenagers hope to spend their professional lives can help faith communities and institutions better support these students as they discern God’s calling in their lives.”

Kinnaman is right in saying youth leaders should do more to guide young people toward making career decisions and future plans through the lens of faith, but couldn’t one also say more attention should be paid to intentionally ministering to students while they’re actually in college?

The moral of the story this research tells certainly indicates more could and should be done – 93% of the young people in this country are going to go to college, and 100% of them need to know Jesus.

If you are one who agrees with that statement, let me ask this: what are you willing to do about it?

I have some suggestions – more on this soon.

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