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Evangelistic Fervor is Caught More Than Taught

Have you signed up to receive Anthony Wood’s mission updates? Dr. Wood is the lead evangelist and assistant director at River City Ministry – a work serving the poor in homeless in North Little Rock, AR.

Here’s the latest update Anthony sent out to supporters:

He came to RCM with barely any knowledge or understanding of the culture of poverty. He brought his sweet wife and small child. He came to give himself first to You, and second, to answer Your call on his life to be a missionary in this place.

He’d been pretty active in short term missions, served as a youth minister in a mid-sized church, had some reaching out, but his evangelistic opportunities and experience had been sparse at best. He was lucky to get to immerse the kids in his youth group. It’s not because of any lack of desire to assist You in saving souls, just mostly because he’s not been in an environment where leading the lost to You has been a priority. That’s changed for Chase, over the past 18 months.

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