Free Audio from Family Vacation 2013



Family Vacation is an annual retreat designed to equip college students to make disciples.


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11 thoughts on “Free Audio from Family Vacation 2013

  1. Leo says:

    Is there another Johnny Bond piece? The one upload does not seem to start at the beginning.

  2. Randy says:

    any chance the singing could be put on here?

    • WesWoodell says:

      Sorry, no. I do not have any recordings of the singing. You might ask Matt about that for future events – I imagine that’d be something others would want too.

  3. Brett Ellingson says:

    @Randy – technically the singing might be copyrighted….not 100% sure though. Like if you sing/record a copyrighted song, then post it on a website, it might violate the copyright. I usually don’t sweat it when I post sermons for my own church in Houston. Occasionally there is a song that I’ll keep along with the sermon. Not sure how encouraging that is but wanted to mention it.

  4. Brett Ellingson says:

    @Wes – do you have a copy of the form that was used to figure out which class to go to? Was it from a book and if so, which book/author? Thanks Wes for the lessons and all the work you do!!

  5. Terrence says:

    Thanks I couldn’t make it this year

  6. Geraldine Woodell says:

    I’m searching for words to express how this lesson affected me. Conviction more than any other word, I guess – for myself that I too know I haven’t been bold enough to share what has been needed at times. Too wimpy. I pray God give me other chances. God forgive us.

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