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David Platt: ‘What is a Biblical Response to the Gospel?’ Answer: Calvinism?

Well known Reformed Southern Baptist pastor David Platt caused a stir last year by criticizing the sinner’s prayer – the traditional prayer most Baptists (and several other groups) teach new believers to pray to “accept Christ.”

At that time David passionately pointed out that the practice is not in the Bible, that our role is not to “accept” Christ, and that Christians should not practice something that is not in the Bible.

Recently, David sat down to answer some follow up questions about his statement last year. In this short video, David answers the question, “If there is not a specific prayer to pray, how then should we respond to the gospel?” Here’s his answer: Continue reading

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Why ‘Accepting Jesus into Your Heart’ is Superstitious & Unbiblical, and How Believer’s Baptism Can Be Equally So


Before you read further, please watch this video by prominent Baptist pastor David Platt (thanks to Eric Brown for the link):



As David points out in the clip, the idea of “accepting Jesus” or praying a prayer unto salvation isn’t found in the Bible. While I agree with his sentiment, prudence mandates clarification.

First, the obvious – the sinner’s prayer and the idea of “accepting Jesus” simply isn’t found in scripture.
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