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Discipleship Among Friends – Groups of Three

Confession, prayer, accountability, godly advice, and your life’s direction.

All of these things are good – vital even, but they’re best when they’re working together. Sometimes that takes a little bit of intentionality.

I learned what I’m about to share from ACU professor Kent Smith. You might be interested in trying this out:

Find two other Christian friends of the same gender, and make a commitment to one another to meet together once a week.

Each week, each person asks these three questions of themselves to discuss with the others: 

1) What is God calling me to do?

NOTE: You will be hard pressed to find an answer to #1 if you aren’t listening. God speaks to us in many ways, and the most common one is through our own personal time we spend with Him alone in prayer and Bible study. If you’re not in the habit of spending time with God, then it could be that you’re not listening to what He’s trying to tell you. Think about it.

2) What am I going to do about it?

That is, what tangible action am I going to take to accomplish what God is calling me to do or become? 

3) How can this group help?

How can we work together to help one another accomplish what God is calling us to do in our lives?


This is a great thing to invite a friend to be apart of. Once you have three meeting together, encourage each other to bring more.

Once you get six people coming, multiply. Now you have two groups of three. Keep the format the same for both groups (three is a good number – six is too many for deep discussion and meaningful confession), and each time a group reaches six committed members, multiply again.

You don’t need a “leader” to start something like this – just three people willing to take it seriously.

This is a powerful, effective, and easily reproducible weekly study if the people involved take it seriously.

If you’re looking for something more, get a couple of friends together and try this.

It might just change your life.

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