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Which Ministry Position is Hardest to Fill Well?

Tim Spivey asked an interesting question on his blog this past week: “which ministry position is the hardest to fill well” nowadays (notice he specified ‘well‘)?

His conclusion: a campus/young adult ministry position.

I agree with him, and my reasoning is simple: there are very few qualified applicants out there nowadays. If you’d like to know why I believe that is, read this post.

What do you think?


In other news, I’m taking a group of students and friends to Great America tomorrow. Several guests are coming with us – should be fun!

I’m also preaching on the importance of obedience from 1 Samuel 15 (as opposed to partial obedience) this Sunday at The Lake Merced Church in San Francisco. If you’re nearby, join us! Worship starts at 10:45am.

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