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New Book: Viola & Sweet’s Jesus Manifesto Discounted on Amazon

A good one to add to your summer reading schedule.

Frank Viola & Leonard Sweet’s new book Jesus Manifesto: Restoring the Supremacy and Sovereignty of Jesus Christ releases Tuesday June 1 (that’s tomorrow) and is being sold now at a special discounted price on Amazon.com.

Here’s a description from the Jesus Manifesto website:

Christians have made the gospel about so many things—things other than Christ. Religious concepts, ideas, doctrines, strategies, methods, techniques, programs, and formulas have all eclipsed the beauty, the glory, and the reality of the Lord Jesus Himself. On the whole, the Christian family today is starved for a real experience of the living Christ. We know a lot about our Lord, but we don’t know Him very well. We know a lot about trying to be like Jesus, but very little about living by His indwelling life. “Jesus Manifesto” presents a fresh unveiling of Jesus as not only Savior and Lord, but as so much more. It is a prophetic call to restore the supremacy and sovereignty of Christ in a world—and a church—that has lost sight of Him. Read this book and see your Lord like you’ve never seen Him before.

Click here to read sample chapters.

If you’re a fan of Frank or Len’s work, you might consider picking your own copy up.

Taking steps to keep Christ in his rightful place is something I’m a fan of. Hope you are too. 🙂

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