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Fight Starvation by Joining MANA’s Group on Facebook

Want to help a starving child by joining a Facebook group? Then take a second to join this one.

Thanks to Jonathan Storment for getting the word out on this – here’s  the skinny from his post:

The main goal of MANA [Mother Administered Nutritive Aid] is to stop people dying from severe acute malnutrition. And it’s got a chance to work. See MANA is a low cost peanut based paste that is high in calories and low in cost. It’s like Peanut Butter on steroids. It’s filled with vitamins and nutrients that can help back a starving child off of the cliff. It’s been called by experts a miracle food.

See before this paste the way that people helped starving kids was by putting them in a hospital, pumping them full with all the vitamins and food their body could handle. But it would take weeks to get their bodies back to some normal state, which took precious resources like hospital beds and medicine. And everyone knew in no time at all they would probably be back.

But with MANA it’s different. If a child eats MANA for 4-6 weeks, studies have shown that not only will they be helped immediately, but for the most part their bodies are in a place that can help them fend of starvation in the future.

It works like this. Since most of the malnutrition deaths occur among children, Field Doctors diagnose whether or not a kid is in trouble and then we distribute this miracle food to the mothers. Operating on the basic human reality that Mothers love their children, MANA gives the food to the moms of the malnourished kids, allowing them to care for their children with resources that can actually save their lives.

A donor has committed to contributing $10,000 to MANA if their Facebook group reaches 10,000 users in the next ten days. They’re at 3,700 plus right now, and still have a ways to go.

Let’s help! This is quick, painless, and it will feed starving kids. Please go here and join the MANA group.

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