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Don’t Take Your Kids To See Transformers 2 – Don’t Take Yourself Either

I went to see Transformers 2 last night with a group of friends from Lake Merced. Going into this movie, I was convinced it would be one of my favorites from 2009. I’m a big fan, and the only real question I had was if TF2 would rival 2008’s Iron Man in it’s goodness or not.

Man, was I in for a surprise.

Not only did TF2 fail to live up to Iron Man, it barely beat out 2003’s big budget flop Hulk.

Yes, the action scenes were cool. Yes, the special effects were cool. Yes, I still love Optimus Prime, but those things added together didn’t make this a good movie – there were too many other things dragging it down.

First of all, the acting was horrible. Cheesy characters spouting cheesy lines make for a cheesy movie.

Secondly, TF2 boasts the most amaturish, sophomoric writing I’ve seen in a big budget film in a long time. I left the theater commenting that I felt like the script must have been written by a couple of frat boys.

Thirdly, I wouldn’t think of taking my kids to see this movie. The cussing starts within the first three minutes, and it doesn’t stop until the end credits. If you’d like little Tommy and Suzy to repeat what’s said in this movie to their classmates at school or to their grandmother,  then be my guest – take your kids to see TF2. If you don’t want your kids cussing like their heroes (whose action figures they bought in the children’s section at Wal-Mart), then don’t. I’ve spoken with parents who unwittingly took their kids to see this movie only to leave the theater pretty steamed.

Lastly, sophmoric humor always includes stupid sex jokes. Another reason not to take children to see TF2 –  it’s filled with sexual situations and innuendo. It even features a female humanoid robot that seduces the main character into cheating on his girlfriend by having sex with her (only to try to kill him with her robotic tongue after the girlfriend walks in).

Overall, even if the cussing and sexual stuff hadn’t been in this movie ruining it for little kids, it’d still have been a terrible movie. The script was that bad.

Trust me. You don’t want to waste your money on this.

I’ll be thinking twice before spending mine on #3.

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