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Missing the Tulsa Workshop … *sigh*

This year’s Tulsa Workshop will be the first one I’ve missed since becoming a Christian.

The workshop starts tomorrow – if you’re attending and hear a presentation that I simply must listen to, please drop me a line here so I’ll know which recordings to order. Don’t worry Tulsa Workshop organizers – I promise not to post them on the internet again (lol).

Thanks ūüôā

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Looking forward to the Tulsa Workshop

I really enjoy the Tulsa Workshop, and have for several years now. My first workshop experience occurred in 1984.¬† I went with my parents and one of my older sisters, Alicia, and on the last day of the workshop I knocked over a big display of glass figurines and broke about 80% of them on the concrete floor of the expo center. My dad ended up having to buy them all. It was awesome (way more exciting than ACU’s lectures)!

Anyway, I went to a couple of other workshops after that (in ’85 and ’86, and didn’t break anything), but didn’t really become a fan of the Tulsa Workshop until 2004. I’d just recently given myself to Christ after being a drug addict for many years, and had begun training for what would prove to consume my life – ministry.

I attended lectures in 2004, and for the first time in my life I listened and heard what the speakers were saying …¬†things that I’d never heard before. Things the Bible says that I didn’t know were there – Scriptural analysis that, at the time, was hard for me to wrap my mind around. I heard words like “postmodernity,” and really wondered what the big deal was. I was exposed to books, new ideas, and fresh perspectives on issues I thought I’d already figured out.

I’m¬†not saying¬†that the Tulsa Workshop is any better than other lectures or seminars out there, but I am saying it holds a special place in my heart. Looking back, that experience in 2004 is one of the things that caused me to develop a passion for learning. Not simply a passive inclination, but a passion to learn.

Leaders are learners Рthey just happen to learn things before others, and events like the Tulsa Workshop are such that driven leaders should devour and digest.

I like Tulsa because, in addition to the high quality content and great¬†deals on ministry materials,¬†close friends and family¬†of mine from around the world will be there. It’s like a big reunion for us every year.

If you haven’t already, check out this year’s promo vid:

Here’s a link to the Tulsa Workshop website, and also a link to the Facebook Event Page I created.

Paul Fletcher and I will be there representing San Francisco, and Campus Ministry Unitedwill have a booth set up manned by the CMU Crew (booth #402 if you want to say hello to us).

Also, please keep Terry Rush¬†in your prayers. Terry has been integral in the planning and execution of the Tulsa Workshop for many years. He had a colonoscopy a couple of weeks ago and the doctors found something suspicious. Terry is still waiting to hear back from them to find out the final results – let’s pray this all turns out to be nothing.

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