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Notes From the Pepperdine Lectures – Phil and Meredith McCullom

Notes from Phil & Meredith McCullom’s class at Pepperdine – “New Churches in New Places for New People pt. 4” – Friday, 9:00PM

  • We don’t plant churches – we teach people to obey – church plants occur naturally when people obey.
  • When we obey, God gives us more opportunities to be obedient.
  • Making disciples isn’t an event so much as it is a way of life. If a person isn’t making disciples where they are right now, why should they go “plant” a church somewhere else and expect things to be different?
  • The Holy Spirit & Jesus plant or build churches – our job is simply to be gospel planters or Word of God planters – God will build His church, not us.
  • Make sure you’re planting the real seed – not something else. Your goal has to be for people to rely on the Lord – not for them to rely on you!

Phil & Meredith are simple church planters working in East Hollywood, CA. Airiel and I are hoping to have them up for a visit sometime.

I thought their comments on the church planting panel were biblical and very practical.

If you’d like to keep up with the McCullom’s work, bookmark their website: http://WayOfLifeVillage.org

Happy Wednesday!

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