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Several Universities Accepting One-Minute YouTube Videos from Applying Students

You probably had to write an essay as part of the application process for your school, right? Could it be that the old written essay is on its way out the door?

A new trend is developing in university admissions: accepting video essays in lieu of written ones.

Check out the full story in video form on Newsweek’s site: Starter Kit: College Apps Gone Viral

I’m curious – have any of you used YouTube in ministry? If so, how? If not, can you think of some ways it can be used?

Universities are in touch and are willing to experiment to reach Millennials. Shouldn’t we be too?

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Harding College Cartoon from 1948 Bashing Communism & Socialism

Someone sent me a link to this political blog after noticing who produced the vintage political cartoon posted there:

I never knew Harding College produced cartoons!

Anyway, with government involvement in various industries today, and with all the current discussion on conservative talk radio about communism and socialism being forced on America, this cartoon is making the rounds again.

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