Monday at The Well

Yesterday marked my last day at North Little Rock’s River City Ministry for a while as we’re relocating to Texas for three months on Monday. My morning started off right. Here are a few pictures of the day’s events:

An early morning Bible study resulted in a homeless friend named Kleo giving his life to Jesus. This is the prayer before his baptism.

Me, Kleo, and Burly

Kleo having his sins washed away

Group Bible study before lunch - Downtown Church of Christ domestic missionary Don Williams preaches the Word.

Line of people waiting for lunch after the Bible study is over

Thousands of plates are served by RCM staff to the poor and impoverished in North Little Rock throughout the year.


Anthony Wood, a friend and the RCM staff evangelist, describes River City Ministry as a modern day well.

Most of you reading this are familiar with the story of the Samaritan woman in John 4. The woman comes to the well outside Sychar to draw water as she probably did every day, only this time Jesus is sitting there and she has and encounter with Him. She came to the well for one thing, but she got something else. She had an encounter with Jesus – it changed her life, and it changed the lives of many others in that city as a result.

River City Ministry is a well. The poor, impoverished, and homeless come for the food and services, but they find something else. With the evangelists doing their job they run headlong into an encounter with Jesus, and their whole world changes. Sometimes as ministers all we need to do is find a well, sit by it, and help the people that come for one thing find something else – an encounter with Jesus.

Just like RCM, today’s university campus is a modern day well. Students come for an education (at least that’s what their parents think), but with an evangelistic campus ministry present they find something else – an encounter with the Son of the Living God.

A meeting with Jesus.

Two things I’ve got to keep in mind: 1) my job is the point people to Jesus, and 2) I’m not Him.

I may try to be like Him, but I’m not Him. It’s good to be like Jesus in how you treat others, but proclaiming the reality of His presence must never be absent when attempting to help someone else encounter Him.

Want to help someone encounter Jesus? Open your mouth and tell them about Him! There’s supernatural power in that action!

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