Free Resource: Romans Approach to Sharing Your Faith

My dad has been invited to walk the students at Harding University’s Center for Advanced Ministry Training through an evangelistic study he put together years ago.

Here’s a little testimony of my experience with it:

Here’s a copy of the study itself for free download: The Romans Approach to Reaching the Lost – feel free to share with anyone you’d like.

I’m not exaggerating – thousands of people are Christians today as the result of being walked through this study.

The gospel of Jesus truly is in the most powerful thing in the universe!

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2 thoughts on “Free Resource: Romans Approach to Sharing Your Faith

  1. Seth Simmons says:

    how does this have anything to do with bathtub injuries?
    who generates these things?
    Good stuff Wes

  2. WesWoodell says:

    Possibly related posts: “Bathtub injuries – 43,000 tots treated each year”

    Yeah, I don’t know for sure, but I DID slam someones head against the stairs in a baptistry one time when I baptized them. It made this really weird underwater knocking noise too.

    It was ok though. The guy I did that to was somebody I grew up with. I know him pretty well. A knock to his head could only have improved things.

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