Saved, Sanctified, & Sent – Daytona Outreach Center

My friend Warren Baldwin sent me an email this morning referring me to a post made by a Daytona, FL social worker named Russell Holloway.

Ever hear of the Daytona Outreach Center? I hadn’t before this morning, but the story of Ray Kelley – the DOC’s evangelist – reminds me of my own; especially his “God, if you’re real” prayer. I prayed the same exact words at one point in my life when drug addiction and lonliness had driven me to contemplate suicide. What happened afterword is what led to my becoming a Christian.

Anyway, check this out:

That’s a great video – God is working through His people in Daytona, and I love hearing stories like this!

The DOC reminds me a lot of River City Ministry.

The world needs more ministries like this. They have Jesus written all over them! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Saved, Sanctified, & Sent – Daytona Outreach Center

  1. “The world needs more ministries like this. They have Jesus written all over them!”

    To your statement I say, “Amen!”

  2. Ann Kalashian says:

    I’ve known Ray and Susan for several years and they are so real – awesome. Going down there as a volunteer is the highlight of my week! Jesus is still hanging out with the down and out, just like he did while he was here on earth. If you want to feel His presence, volunteer at a ministry like this.

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