Tampa Bay Area Men’s Retreat This Week

Airiel and I still have a few days of vacation left, and we’re packing up to leave for Tampa in the morning. We’re spending a couple of days visiting family, then on Wednesday my dad is flying in from Arkansas. While Airiel and the kids hang out with my in-laws who nearly all live in that area (letting their other grandmamas and grandpapas spoil them), he and I will be teaching at the Bay Area Church of Christ Men’s Retreat Thursday-Sunday, and I’m pumped!

I love teaching people who are serious about applying the Word (the brothers at Bay Area most certainly are), and also love teaching alongside my dad. We haven’t co-taught anything for a while, but we have great chemistry when speaking together and love spending time with one another in general. I have no doubt I’ll leave this retreat fired up, and no doubt many others will join me.

Here are the topics we’re dealing with:

  • Reals Sins & Real Struggles
  • Real Evangelism & the Real Gospel
  • How Does the Gospel Intersect With Everyday Life?
  • Taking God & the Gospel of Grace Seriously

Focused breakout groups will be utilized after each lesson allowing the men to really dig in to what we’re teaching, and we’re praying this time is transformative.

I’m planning to take my digital recorder with me, and I’ll throw these lesson recordings on the web when I get home for anyone interested in listening.

I’m worn out right now – we just had a house full of college students hit the road after a great Bible study on the cross here.

Bedtime … Tampa, see you tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Tampa Bay Area Men’s Retreat This Week

  1. Jim Woodell says:

    Praying that you have a safe trip as you go “to and fro.” See you at the airport in Tampa on Wednesday. Love you.

  2. Lynn Stringfelllow says:

    Sonny’s here we come.

  3. Josh Freeman says:

    I know things will go wonderfully! Our prayers are with you and have a great final few days of vaca!

  4. Lynn says:

    First night was GREAT!

    You and your father are pretty special together.

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