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Free Audio from the Tampa Bay Area Men’s Retreat

What a great weekend. As I mentioned in the post preceding this one, my dad and I had the privilege of teaching at the Bay Area men’s retreat over the weekend. I was humbled and honored to share a few of the things I’ve learned in the past few years with good men, many of whom I’ve looked up to for a long time. It was also great getting to teach with my dad – I love he and my mom very much, and enjoy spending as much time with them as I can (unfortunately mom wasn’t on this trip, but I’ll be seeing her at the Pepperdine Lectures soon, Lord willing). Seeing my in-laws was a joy too – Airiel and I took a couple of vacation days just to hang out with them.

The men’s retreat was excellent. Several of the guys told me it was one of the best retreats they’d ever been to, and I must say, Jim Woodell’s lessons on grace and the gospel were very, very good. His was some of the clearest teaching on God’s grace I’ve heard. I was also pleased with the way my lessons turned out, but I’ll leave it to someone else to judge their quality.

Here’s all the material from the retreat – please take advantage of it. I encourage you to download the PowerPoint presentations to follow along with the lessons.

2010 Bay Area Men’s Retreat Audio

  • Download the retreat workbook here.

1) Jim Woodell – “Real Sins, Real Struggles” (51:02) (PowerPoint)

A lesson on sin and grace. Can we give grace to other people if we’re unwilling to accept the grace God has given us?

2) Jim Woodell – “Real Evangelism, Real Gospel” (59:03) (PowerPoint)

What is real evangelism, and what is the real Gospel? Is our salvation based upon our performance in this life, or on Jesus’ performance in His life?

3) Wes Woodell – “How Does the Gospel Intersect with Everyday Life?” (50:45) (PowerPoint; Life Map Handout)

What’s the most important question one can ask, and how does its answer affect what’s really at the center of a person’s life? A guide to living a Christ-centered life. Explanation and personal evaluation tool (Life Map) included. Highly recommend following along with the PowerPoint presentation if you choose to listen to this lesson.

4) Wes Woodell – “Taking God & the Gospel of Grace Seriously” (50:03) (PowerPoint)

If you’re in a rut spiritually, it could be because you’ve lost touch with the cross. This lesson takes a hard look at the crucifixion of Jesus and what it means for us.* God won’t be compartmentalized in your life if the gospel stays in the forefront of your mind (if you believe it, that is).

*Major source: Mark Driscoll’s Vintage Jesus lesson 6 – one of my favorite preachers preaching one of my favorite sermons.


Please share these lessons with anyone you believe would benefit from them.

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Tampa Bay Area Men’s Retreat This Week

Airiel and I still have a few days of vacation left, and we’re packing up to leave for Tampa in the morning. We’re spending a couple of days visiting family, then on Wednesday my dad is flying in from Arkansas. While Airiel and the kids hang out with my in-laws who nearly all live in that area (letting their other grandmamas and grandpapas spoil them), he and I will be teaching at the Bay Area Church of Christ Men’s Retreat Thursday-Sunday, and I’m pumped!

I love teaching people who are serious about applying the Word (the brothers at Bay Area most certainly are), and also love teaching alongside my dad. We haven’t co-taught anything for a while, but we have great chemistry when speaking together and love spending time with one another in general. I have no doubt I’ll leave this retreat fired up, and no doubt many others will join me.

Here are the topics we’re dealing with:

  • Reals Sins & Real Struggles
  • Real Evangelism & the Real Gospel
  • How Does the Gospel Intersect With Everyday Life?
  • Taking God & the Gospel of Grace Seriously

Focused breakout groups will be utilized after each lesson allowing the men to really dig in to what we’re teaching, and we’re praying this time is transformative.

I’m planning to take my digital recorder with me, and I’ll throw these lesson recordings on the web when I get home for anyone interested in listening.

I’m worn out right now – we just had a house full of college students hit the road after a great Bible study on the cross here.

Bedtime … Tampa, see you tomorrow!

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