Nothing Else Matters – a Poem by Aaron Farnsworth

Aaron Farnsworth – a member of CIA Tampa (the campus ministry serving The University of South Florida) – handed me a piece of paper on the second day of the Cocoa Beach Retreat last weekend.

Here’s what was on it:

Nothing Else Matters

by Aaron Farnsworth

Nothing else matters …
The sound of a footstep dies in its stride,
And its proud print washes away with the tide.

Nothing else matters …
The violin has the charm of its lovely tone,
But the player goes home when the concert is done.

Nothing else matters …
The philosopher’s pen resounds through the age,
Yet is silenced by the turning of a page.

Nothing else matters …
When the LORD set foot upon the earth,
His print was the dawn of a spiritual birth,
His music contained everlasting mirth,
The words on His page are of infinite worth.

Nothing else matters!

He’s right you know. 🙂

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