Three Views of 1 Timothy 2:11-15

A mistake I need to point out: the alternate translations for verse 12 made under view #2 should have been on two separate slides. I put them on the same one and that confused me for a moment and caused me to misspeak. Those are actually two separate ways of approaching that verse that shouldn’t be combined (didn’t notice what I’d done until watching the video).

Anyway, this lesson was intended to provide a general overview of different approaches, readings, and applications of this difficult passage in 1 Timothy 2.

I have studied this issue closely. While admittedly I could be very wrong, I am still convinced the traditional reading is best for a number of reasons. I must add, however, traditional application has been and is deeply flawed.

I am not done looking at this issue and still may be convinced the traditional reading is incorrect, but that’s where  I am today.

What about you?

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