Preview the full BASIC Series for free this week

At the risk of being accused of Francis Chan overkill on the blog this week, the BASIC films are available to view for free at

Free viewing is available this week only, and the next film in the series will be available every 24 hours until they run through the set (a countdown at the bottom of the screen indicates when the next one will be available).

If you haven’t heard of the BASIC films, they are teaching tools made by the same folks who produced Rob Bell’s Nooma Videos, only this time Francis Chan is the one doing the teaching (which is amusing considering my previous post).

I just watched BASIC: Fellowship, and must say I’m impressed. Check it out for yourself – it’s worth it.

The films can be purchased from – $10.00 for DVDs, $7.00 for digital downloads. I’ll be picking these up.

Go here if you want to ‘like’ the BASIC Series on Facebook.

Anything we can use to articulate the truth of Jesus is something I’m willing to be a fan of.

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6 thoughts on “Preview the full BASIC Series for free this week

  1. Clint Hill says:

    I have seen all of the BASIC series and am going to do them for our group this summer. Very Very good stuff

  2. Jen says:


    ohhh irony.

  3. […] I just finished watching Francis Chan’s lesson on the Holy Spirit via the free Basic Series preview I told you about yesterday. […]

  4. Amy Hauptman says:

    Here’s some great resources that will help college students know how to articulate their faith on campus:

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