What Fills Your Cup?

by Steven Wells

My friend Steve is a talented artist who produces a unique drawing every single morning on a cup o’ joe.

Most of his work is an expression of faith, and I’ve come to enjoy seeing what he’s created for the day as I enjoy my own morning cup of coffee.

Steve has been in the habit of creating a drawing each day for some time now. He’s literally made hundreds of these things and continues to produce a new one daily. There’s some really good stuff here that will simultaneously inspire and cause you to pause and reflect.

Keep up with Steve Well’s work by liking ThinkWells Thoughts on Facebook or following him on Twitter. You can also order custom mugs, t-shirts, or posters with Steve’s art on them. They’d make a great gift, and may even inspire a sermon or two.

If you’d like to contact Steve, his email address is available on his Facebook page. He and I are members of the same church.


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