Tulsa Workshop 2013

Who else is excited to go to Tulsa next week?

The word is this event is going to be very crowded this year, and I’m thrilled about that!

In addition to the rest of the festivities, Stringfellow and I will be teaching three classes entitled “Reaching the Missing Generation: Practical Evangelistic Ministry to 20-Somethings”.

These classes will deal with fundamental principles involved in disciplemaking among 20-somethings, and I encourage you to come even if you don’t work with young adults. Since we’re dealing with principles and characteristics, these classes will be helpful for anyone interested in carrying out the Great Commission among a people group regardless of their age.

This three part class will be presented:

  • PART 1  … 11AM Thursday, EX #4
  • PART 2 …  10AM Saturday, CP #1
  • PART 3  … 11AM Saturday, CP #1

Please mark those on your program and join us!

Access the full workshop schedule here.

This is going to be fun!


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