Our Next Church Plant Location

Where will be the next plant to come out of The Crossings Church be?

Drumroll please …


Where we’ve been:

Greater Alton Church of Christ – est. 1989


Where we are now:

The Crossings Church: Wentzville – est. 2004


And where we’re going next:

The Crossings Church: Inner Belt – coming in 2014


Hello 170 corridor! We’ll be right in the middle of all the major universities in St. Louis in addition to close to 1 million people.

This is going to be great!


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2 thoughts on “Our Next Church Plant Location

  1. jimhwoodell says:

    Congratulations on a bold move. We will be praying that you have a fruitful ministry.

  2. Sweet 🙂 God bless all the efforts in this church plant as y’all reach out to the major universities in St Louis. Keep up the good work.
    Grace and Peace.

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