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2011 Tulsa Workshop?

I received word today that I’ve been invited to teach a class at the 2011 Tulsa Workshop along with my friend Lynn Stringfellow … sounds like fun.

Dates are March 23-26, 2011.

The guy who wrote this probably won’t be there, but will you?

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Another College Student Baptism at Lake Merced – Monica

Airiel and I have enjoyed getting to know Monica over the past few months.

She and I have had some great studies, and yesterday she gave her life to Christ!

It’s wonderful to be part of a church that’s impacting the lives of people.

A good chunk of our congregation was able to show up for Monica’s baptism, and it was hugs all around afterward.

One of the neat things about the Lake Merced Church is the sense of family that’s present … new people can plug in quickly. Monica felt that, and others have as well.

Congrats to Monica – we’re all proud of you!

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Another College Student Baptism at Lake Merced Today – Abies

Our new friend Abies (pronounced a – bee – iss) was baptized into Christ today:

The water in the baptistery was very cold … again! You’ll notice Abies went completely stiff while going under … lol. We really need to get that fixed.

Anyway, we’re very happy about Abies. Airiel and I met her a few weeks ago and took her out to lunch today simply to get to know her a bit better. That unexpectedly led to a Bible study and her baptism.

Besides the mild case of hypothermia, today was a good day. 🙂

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