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How did Jesus’ disciples understand “the kingdom”?

Throughout the gospels the Bible records Jesus “preaching the kingdom”, but what did this mean, and what did the disciples following Jesus in the first century understand this kingdom would be?

This lesson based upon Acts 1:1-11 walks through a few key scriptures in the Old and New Testaments to give listeners a bit of perspective as to the first century Jewish understanding of the coming kingdom, and why their understanding was incorrect.


In part 2 of this lesson (coming next week), we’ll examine a correct understanding of the kingdom based upon Peter’s sermon in Acts 2.
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Another Baptism in San Francisco: Min-Gyu

Min-Gyu is a Korean national who is living in the States studying English and looking for work. He also happens to be my neighbor, and today after a Bible study I had the privilege of baptizing him.

The water was freezing cold, but we stuck it out!

Here’s a vid:

After-baptism picture:

Min-Gyu & Wes

It’s always refreshing to study the Bible with someone who cares enough about what it has to say to respond to it. Today I’m refreshed, and very proud of Min-Gyu!

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