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Another Baptism in San Francisco: Min-Gyu

Min-Gyu is a Korean national who is living in the States studying English and looking for work. He also happens to be my neighbor, and today after a Bible study I had the privilege of baptizing him.

The water was freezing cold, but we stuck it out!

Here’s a vid:

After-baptism picture:

Min-Gyu & Wes

It’s always refreshing to study the Bible with someone who cares enough about what it has to say to respond to it. Today I’m refreshed, and very proud of Min-Gyu!

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2010 Cocoa Beach Retreat: “Loco in Cocoa” Audio

I arrived home late last night after spending a fun couple of days teaching 120 excited college students in Cocoa Beach, FL.

The lessons presented centered around the theme of maximizing our impact for Christ.

As promised, here is the audio and related materials from the 2010 Cocoa Beach Retreat:

  1. Wes Woodell – Maximum Impact: Defining Moments (50:42) PowerPoint; Video 1
  2. Wes Woodell – Maximum Impact: Greatest Commands pt. 1 (64:31) PowerPoint; Handout; Video 2
  3. Wes Woodell – Maximum Impact: Greatest Commands pt. 2 (73:45) PowerPoint

This weekend was a blessing to me … very encouraging. Before leaving Saturday afternoon, I had the privilege of witnessing one of the students being baptized in the ocean … what a great note to end on. 🙂

Florida has a very active campus ministry community. What a blessing it has been and is continuing to be!

For more sermons, visit the westcoastwitness.com Sermon Archive.

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Clint Hill’s lesson on surviving a church split uploaded …

Quick blurb: a lot of people were bummed Clint’s lesson didn’t get recorded at last week’s CMU Workshop (including me). Clint was gracious enough to re-record the lesson for us when he got home – here it is for your listening pleasure:

Thanks for making this available, Clint 🙂

This has been added to the CMU archive.

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